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Why Choose Solenoid Systems

It all begins with our Engineering Capabilities. Solenoid Systems is Analysis Focused, transforming Requirements into Designs.

Our  Virtual Development Platform  is based on advanced simulation technologies and proven development proceses, providing our Customers a highly engineered solution.

We specialize in custom solenoids and will create an entirely new product to meet your most demanding application.

Each and every Project is collaboratively managed through a custom, online, secure dedicated Project Portal that keeps all team members informed with dashboards and provides a central communication for documents and change management.


Work faster, better, and smarter.

Project Management

 Project Portal

Project Portal

The Project Portal keeps team members (both Solenoid Solutions and the Customer) informed with dashboards, documentation and communications centrally stored and available. 

 Virtual Development Platform

Virtual Development Platform

Combines advanced simulation technologies, coupled multi-physics finite element analysis, model based systems engineering and proven development processes. 

Case Studies

Press release: Solenoid Systems Sponsoring the Washington Hyperloop Team
Initial Solenoid Design Case Study
Initial Design – Solenoid Case Study
electromagnetic field simulation services
Analyzing the Thermal Operating Conditions of a Solenoid
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