Solenoid Systems has over 25 years of experience in the Manufacturing of Custom Solenoids, Custom Solenoid Valves and Solenoid Systems (Solenoids, Valves, Sensors, Electronics, Manifold) in the Automotive, Off Highway, Industrial, Medical, Military and Aerospace Markets.

Solenoid Systems expertise include:

Serial Production – Low & High Volume

Manufacturing Process Design

Manufacturing Equipment Integration

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Custom Design & Manufacturing

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Supplier Development

Solenoid Systems has a proven supply base, both domestic and over seas, that specialize in manufacturing Solenoid and Solenoid Valve components.

Whether it is a prototype build, low or high volume production runs we have the suppliers to provide cost competitive components and tooling.

Engineering Consulting Capabilities

As experienced engineers and consultants, we are a valuable resource for our clients, giving our customers the flexibility to address their specific needs such as internal manpower restrictions or required expertise.

Serial Production

Once Solenoid Systems has Designed, Developed and Validated a Product and Manufacturing Process, there are several options for the location of serial production:

  • Manufactured at Solenoid Systems through our Manufacturing Partners
  • Manufactured at the Customer’s facility. Solenoid Systems will work with the Customers team and manage a successful product launch.
  • Manufactured at a Customer chosen contract manufacturer. Solenoid Systems will work with the Customers team and manage a successful product launch.
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