Analyzing Magnetic and Mechanical Hysteresis

 In Solenoid Engineering

Analyzing Magnetic and Mechanical Hysteresis


A Proportional Solenoid is used to produce precise and variable position control proportional to an input signal.  The input signal is electrical voltage or current, which produces a mechanical force output from the Solenoid.  This force is used to positions a device, such as a metering component in a hydraulic valve or a mechanism against a known spring force.

An ideal Proportional Solenoid would produce a perfect linear relationship between the input signal and the desired output but due to non linear material properties, Magnetic and Mechanical Hysteresis this is typically not the case. Weather a system uses an open or closed loop control method the Total Hysteresis (Magnetic plus Mechanical) of the Solenoid is an important factor in the performance of the control system.

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magentic hysteresis in a solenoid
Surface Force Density

Surface force density caused by magentic side loading.

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